Wade Barrett has been repackaged as El Torito.

After persistent rumors that World Wrestling Entertainment will “repackage” Wade Barrett, it was revealed today that the British bare-knuckle brawler has indeed been reinvented as El Torito.

Barrett is virtually unrecognizable as the pint-sized Mexican bull — a testament to Barrett’s versatility  and willingness to adapt to new creative directions.

Barrett has appeared on the past several episodes of Monday Night Raw alongside newcomers Los Matatores, demonstrating agility and acrobatics that have surprised even his closest friends.

Most amazingly, he has managed to appear roughly three feet shorter — a trick of the eye achieved through misdirection, camera angles, and exceptional acting on Barrett’s part.

Although Barrett was reportedly skeptical about the repackaging at first, he has adjusted to his new role with great resilience.

“Forget about the Barrett Barrage — it’s time for the Torito Torrent,” he said.

Barrett was a natural choice to portray El Torito, since he was already a master of the Bull Hammer.

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