Popular sports-entertainer-turned-film-entertainer John Cena revealed today that he is re-wording his slogan — previously “Never Give Up” — to the more attainable “Sometimes Give Up.”

Cena made the announcement after receiving criticism from parent groups claiming his slogan set “unrealistic expectations for youth” for whom “apathy is always an option.”

The Massachusetts-born former rap star says he stands by his other slogan, “Hustle Loyalty Respect,” but admits that “hustle” sometimes involves cutting one’s losses and giving up.

“I was committing the sunk-cost fallacy, and foolishly advising others to do the same,” said Cena, first in English then in Mandarin. “And for that, I apologize. Sometimes the best thing to do is give up and try something else.”

Cena is reportedly under pressure from disability rights groups to change his catch-phrase “You can’t see me” to “You have a correctable vision impairment.”

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