rey no maskMexican professional wrestlers, or “luchadors,” have turned their backs on decades of tradition by eschewing their elaborate masks after learning from social media that wearing a mask is somehow an affront to one’s God-given liberty.

Reymond “Rey” Mysterio Jr., perhaps the world’s most famous high-flying luchador, shocked fans when he removed his mask this week on WWE programming and declared it a “tool of control” created by the “deep state” to “manipulate control something something.”

Said Mysterio: “I used to wear my mask with pride, but then I saw a meme that Val Venis posted on Facebook about how wearing a mask is a form of surrender to authoritarian mind control, and that changes everything.”

Mysterio called on all fellow luchadors to “remove the yoke of oppression” from their faces.

“If mask-wearing is effective, why hasn’t a luchador been Universal Champion?” asked an unmasked Mysterio. “Clearly mask-wearing in Mexican wrestling is indicative of systemic face-ism.”

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