Sin Cara reveals his true identity at a WWE House Show

High-flying Mexican luchador Sin Cara has shocked wrestling fans by removing his ubiquitous mask to reveal that, all this time, he has been portrayed by evil sports entertainment impresario Mr. McMahon.

Following a card-opening bout against Kofi Kingston a recent WWE event in Des Moines, Sin Cara suddenly tore off his mask to reveal his identity as the conniving WWE Chairman.

He then yanked a microphone away from the ring announcer and, between fits of maniacal laughter, snarled: “It was me, it was me all along!”

Speculation abounds as to why McMahon would spend the past three years incognito portraying a Mexican wrestler whose ill-fated career is better known for frequent “botches” than any modicum of success.

McMahon appears to have orchestrated an intricate disinformation campaign intended to make fans believe that the Sin Cara character was being portrayed by a revolving cast of performers including Luis Urive, Hunico, and a few migrant day laborers.

Some believe McMahon, drunk with power, has finally lost all semblance of sanity, thus inspiring him to assume the identity of an accident-prone knock-off of Rey Mysterio.

It is unclear whether McMahon will continue portraying Sin Cara, or whether he will now devote himself full-time to his other in-ring persona, El Torito.