The Meta Powers wwe
Macho Mandow (left) and Curtis Axel (right) will do battle to win the hand of Mizz Mizlizabeth.

World Wrestling Entertainment superstars Macho Mandow and Curtis Axel — known collectively as The Meta Powers — have had a bitter falling-out over jealousies surrounding their beautiful valet, Mizz Mizlizabeth.

Wrestling fans worldwide rejoiced earlier this month when Macho Mandow and Axel, two of the most dominant stars in WWE history, joined forces as the Mega Powers (quickly renamed the Meta Powers).

But when Macho Mandow began to suspect that Axel had romantic feelings toward Mizz Mizlizabeth — despite Axel’s vehement protestations to the contrary — tensions between the men began to rise.

Those tensions reached a boiling point at a WWE live event last night when Mizz Mizlizabeth was inadvertently knocked out by Konnor of The Ascension, and Axel carried Mizlizabeth to the locker room for medical attention — an act of chivalry that Macho Mandow mistook for affection.

Axel tried to explain his actions in a heated backstage exchange:  “Well let me tell you something, brother — I was just trying to help, dude!”

The short-tempered Macho Mandow, however, attacked Axel with an imaginary championship belt, snarling: “You wanna see what the Mandowness is all about?”

The Meta Powers will collide, with the managerial services of Mizz Mizlizabeth hanging in the balance, at this summer’s ResembleMania pay-per-view.