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Warriors of Themyscira will compete in WWE’s first-ever women-only pay-per-view, due to the strict prohibitions against men on the enchanted island.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today its pay-per-view spectacular The Greatest Survivor Series will be held in the island city-state of Themyscira, even though the ruling class of Amazonian women will not allow male superstars to participate due to cultural norms.

The Greatest Survivor Series is expected to see the long-awaited WWE debut of Wonder Woman, arguably the most well-known Themyscira native, in a Fatal Four-Way match against Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Hippolyta.

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WWE has come under some criticism for hosting an event in the all-female queendom of Themyscira, although a company spokesperson says the company “must respect the customs of the host country, even if that country is a mythical comic-book fantasyland.”

Indeed, the island nation of Themyscira is governed by Aphrodite’s Law, which states that “Under penalty of death, no man may set foot on Themyscira, even if he has abs like Finn Balor or is a sexy bad boy like Dean Ambrose.”

WWE also announced today that next year’s Greatest WrestleMania will be held on the enchanted island of Neverland, where no adults will be allowed to compete.