Samoa Joe, and a Samoan named Joe, will do battle at Backsplash or Crashpad.

WWE Backpedal — wait, is this one Blastback? — will feature the superstars of Smackdown and Raw in a pay-per-view that promises to be even more exciting than the Roadwork or Blockchain or Cockblock or whatever that other one is called.

The main event of WWE Flipflop will see Brie Bella’s husband go one-on-one with Big Cass (formerly known as “Andy” on Tough Enough).

Fans can expect the same kind of hard-hitting, high-flying action they have enjoyed in previous WWE pay-per-views, like Paywall, Flapjack, Knapsack, and The Greatest Slapchop. Our predictions:

  • Roman Reigns defeats the only Samoan on earth not directly related to the Rock
  • Randy Orton defeats Jeff Hardy with an RKO outta the usual place
  • AJ Styles defeats Shinsuke Nakamura via disqualification, even though it’s a No Disqualification match, because referee Chad Patton screws up again
  • The Miz and Seth Rollins agree that Rollins will become Miz’s new stunt double, Miz Rollindow
  • Braun Strowman (less-intelligent brother of Brains) and Bobby Lashley defeat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn thanks to outside Interference from Nicholas

Also this weekend is NXT: tAkeOveRr rE:EvOLshun 7: ElecTRIC BooGaloO, which will feature such up-and-coming developmental talent as Wolfy Alexander Bagwell, Fuzz Sawyer, Lonely Orkan, and Heck No Javier.

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