Wrestling review
The webcam critic delivers the negative review of Extreme Rules that shook Vince McMahon deeply.

Sources within WWE report that Vince McMahon is “deeply concerned” about a negative review of last night’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view posted by a heavyset guy on a webcam.

“Vince went on a tirade in the locker room after seeing that video review,” a WWE employee told Kayfabe News on condition of anonymity. “I think he was personally hurt by the webcam guy’s comments.”

The guy — a 23-year-old Virginia man who goes by the monicker RohStyles23 — described Extreme Rules as “a thumbs-down show” with some “boring spots and matches that were, like, meh, whatever.”

The webcam guy posts reviews every WWE pay-per-view from his poorly lit bedroom, dissecting and evaluating matches for about 15 minutes, apparently unaware that one of his regular viewers is WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Upset by the negative review, McMahon called a late-night locker room meeting, during which he berated the entire WWE roster for putting on a lackluster show.

“If we can’t please the webcam guy, how do you expect WWE to survive?!” McMahon reportedly hollered. “If that guy doesn’t give a positive review of Over the Limit next month, we’re sunk!”