Rumble countdown clock
This year, Murphy is determined to remember all the numbers in the countdown — and in the right order.

Kevin Murphy, a self-described “WWE superfan,” has been repeatedly counting backwards from 10 all week in anticipation of this weekend’s Royal Rumble.

“Ten, nine, eight…” he said, demonstrating his prowess and metronome-like timing.

“I can go all the way to one without messing up,” he added. “You know what they say — practice makes perfect.”

Murphy, a 19-year-old from Atlanta who has been described by his family and teachers as “special,” says he can hardly wait to count along with the Titantron as each new competitor joins tonight’s Royal Rumble match.

“Last year I screwed up a bit,” he confessed. “A few times I forgot about seven, which threw off the rest of the count. But I’ve been training hard this year, so I think I’ll do great.”

Murphy says he also hopes to avoid a common pitfall of the Royal Rumble countdown — speeding up as the timer gets closer to zero — which afflicts an estimated 89 percent of wrestling fans.

I just have to stay calm and focused,” he said. “I don’t want to choke when it really counts.”