NXT mcmahon
An angry Vince McMahon spews invective after learning that NXT still exists.

Professional wrestling mogul Vince McMahon was reportedly shocked yesterday to discover that NXT, one of the lower-tier franchises in his television empire, still exists.

“I thought we cancelled that after the first season,” McMahon bellowed during a production meeting at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT. “Who green-lighted this?”

NXT debuted in 2010 as a reality-style wrestling program in which rookie competitors vied for a spot on the main WWE roster.

Although the show did produce the villainous Nexus faction, which enjoyed a brief period of notoriety, little else of interest came out of NXT, leading McMahon to presume it had been canned.

McMahon was reportedly “furious” to find out that NXT has endured for five more seasons. He was particularly livid after he learned that Jim Ross has been handling commentary on the latest season, since he thought he had bullied Ross into retirement years ago.