Hell in a Cell
WWE's recently re-branded Heck in a Cell promises safe, non-violent action for all ages.

In an effort to appease advertisers and sponsors with a more family-friendly product, World Wrestling Entertainment recently rebranded the Hell in a Cell match and pay-per-view event as Heck in a Cell.

The renaming was the latest in a series of changes implemented by WWE to move away from the racy storylines of the so-called Attitude Era and present a PG-rated product that appeals to the widest possible demographic — particularly the children who account for the most merchandise sales.

Similar to its predecessor, the Heck in a Cell Match will take place within a roofed cage, though the cage will be made of malleable plastic coated with foam rubber to reduce the risk of injury. The cage will also be surrounded by taut nylon netting, much like a backyard trampoline, to prohibit any Foley-esque falls from the roof.

Other recent efforts by WWE to create a more family-friendly product include:
– A new dress code for Divas, replacing skimpy ring attire with baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants
– a rebranding of the scary Kane from demonic masked psychopath to friendly masked welder
– an effort to get fans to chant the more polite “pardon me?” instead of “what?!”