Cena autograph
John Cena signs an autograph for a boy who was obviously hoping to meet CM Punk instead.

An eleven-year-old boy who suffers from a rare neurological disorder was visibly disappointed at a WWE house show yesterday when John Cena strode into a dressing room to meet him.

The boy, was clad in a CM Punk t-shirt and had drawn a black X onto each of his hands to signify his devotion to a straight-edge lifestyle, sighed loudly and slunk in his wheelchair when Cena arrived.

“Oh, it’s you,” the boy said to Cena, failing to mask the disappointment in his voice. “Hi.”

Cena signed a glossy 8×10 photo of himself and attempted to engage the boy in small talk about video games and the importance of studying, but the boy seemed distant and aloof.

After a long silence, the boy finally said: “Do you know CM Punk?”

Cena, who frequently visits with sick children and is always eager to make them happy, replied: “Yes, I know him very well. We’ve had some great matches together and I respect his…”

The boy interjected: “Could you go get him?”