Female wrestling fan
Fans at a recent Ring of Honor show were shocked by the presence of a female in the crowd.

Fans and wrestlers alike were taken aback at a recent Ring of Honor show when it was revealed that one audience member was, upon close inspection, actually female.

“At first I just thought it was a dude with long hair and nice cheekbones,” said longtime ROH fan Tyler Stevens. “But then I was, like, wait a second — are those boobs?”

Ring of Honor promoter Cary Silkin was reportedly “shocked” when word reached backstage that a female was in the crowd at the Death Before Dishonor event. He immediately ordered an extra bottle of baby oil for the more muscular wrestlers to smear themselves with, figuring the female would like that.

It is not known how the female found out about the event, since females are not known to frequent the websites and forums where such shows are announced. Nor is it known whether she enjoyed the show, or was instead there because some kind of strange mix-up.

The female was relatively quiet compared to the rest of the audience members, who hollered rhythmic chants throughout the entire show.

At one point during a Roderick Strong match, the female shouted “Woo hoo,” which prompted dozens of young men in the audience to fall madly in love with her.

Many members of the otherwise-male audience suggested that someone should go up to the female and ask her why she was there. No one, however, mustered the courage to do so.