wrestling spoiler
The Spoiler was a major star during the territorial era of wrestling in North America. You came here to learn about him, right?

The Spoiler was a professional wrestler who wrought havoc in the NWA, Georgia Championship Wrestling and other regional promotions across North America through the 1960s and 1970s.

Portrayed by 300-pound Don Jardine, the masked wrestler was a headlining attraction in his heyday, squaring off against the likes of Mil Mascaras, Pedro Morales and Chief Jay Strongbow.

Though largely forgotten by today’s generation of wrestling fans, The Spoiler was enormously influential and held numerous championships including the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship, the NWA Tag Team Championship (with Dutch Savage), and the NWA Tennessee Tag Team Championship (with Spoiler #2).

He was a major wrestling Spoiler. You were warned. 

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