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A rare albino gorilla walked upright out of Raw this week for reasons unclear.

Primatologists were stunned this week when a rare albino mountain gorilla nicknamed “Brock” stood up on its hind legs and, in what seemed to be an act of higher intelligence, walked upright out of a Nashville arena.

The enormous simian navigated a number of backstage hallways and corridors, demonstrating balance and spatial reasoning that are highly uncommon among primates when they walk upright.

The beast seemed to be imitating — literally aping — its human counterparts at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where the trained animal occasionally performs in a man-versus-animal sideshow act.

The gorilla’s handler, a carny named Paul E. Heyman, said he is “constantly amazed” by the human-like characteristics of the animal, which Heyman personally captured 15 years ago in the jungles of the Congo.

Brock eventually calmed down and resumed his usual knuckle-dragging slouch, but only after emitting several pterodactyl shrieks and brutally ripping both arms off a hapless Zack Ryder, who unfortunately got between the beast and the catering table.

It is unclear why the gorilla decided to walk out of WWE Raw this past Monday, though Heyman indicated the animal has a very sensitive nose and dislikes the smell of bad booking.