terra ryzing triple h
Terra Ryzing and Blade Runner will finally square off in what is expected to be the greatest wrestling match of all time, ever, for real.

Wrestling fans worldwide are abuzz this week after it was confirmed that, after decades of anticipation, the dream match between Terra Ryzing and Blade Runner Flash will finally be held at WWE WrestleMania this March.

The showdown, which is being promoted as “Once in a Lifetime… But For Real This Time,” will finally settle age-old debate over who is the greatest wrestler of all time: the golden-mulleted Ryzing, or the golden-mulleted Flash.

The match is expected to shatter all box-office and pay-per-view records, surpassing Rock-versus-Austin, Pacquiao-versus-Mayweather, and even Axel-versus-Ryder.

Wrestling fans are divided in their predictions regarding which combatant will emerge victorious, though they are unanimous in their belief that the bout will earn Match of the Year honors, if not Match of the Century.

Ryzing has been eager to face Flash ever since a suffering humiliating loss to Flash’s tag-team partner, Blade Runner Rock, at WrestleMania XII.

Although Ryzing-versus-Flash will surely garner the most attention at WrestleMania, the event will feature a number of other blockbuster matches, including The Prototype vs. Miroslav, and Husky Harris versus Mean Mark Callous.