lesnar dancing
Brock Lesnar will use his classical ballet training, and the ballroom skills he learned from Fandango, to turn up the sizzle.

Having vanquished rival Braun Strowman after a hard-fought battle at WWE No Mercy, Brock Lesnar has set his sights on a new challenge as the latest cast member to join Dancing With the Stars. 

Lesnar is following in the footsteps of his wrestling mentor and self-described “personal hero” Nikki Bella, who recently joined the cast of the show’s 12th season. 

The Beast Incarnate is a last-minute fill-in for singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson, who dropped out of the competition this week after she was busted by the show’s so-called Wellness Policy after testing positive for performance-enhancing razzle-dazzle. 

Although Lesnar is best known for barbaric violence, a sociopathic disregard for the wellbeing of others, and a penchant for shrieking like a pterodactyl, few wrestling fans realize he is a classically trained ballet dancer, and has spent several years studying ballroom under the tutelage of Fandango. 

Before training to be an amateur wrestler and suplex aficionado, Lesnar was the star dancer for the Minneapolis Ballet Company, where he performed a solo show he created called “Swan Lake, Bitch.”