rhyno reigns
Rip-off artist Rhyno performs “his” finisher.

Professional wrestler Rhyno is reportedly getting “major heat” backstage after committing the serious no-no of stealing another wrestler’s finishing maneuver — Roman Reigns’ patented spear. 

Although Rhyno has denied the allegations, insisting his so-called “Gore” is a totally different move, it is clearly identical to the diving-shoulder-tackle made famous by Reigns. 

Rhyno has reportedly been forced to defend himself in “Wrestlers’ Court,” a backstage ritual in which grown men who play-fight in spandex for a living pretend to be lawyers and judges. 

In an especially brazen twist, Rhyno lied that he was doing the move before Reigns, which is preposterous because Rhyno has only been with WWE since 2015, whereas Reigns has been on the roster since 2012. 

In a related controversy, during a recent independent appearance, Christian attacked his opponent with the Unprettier, which he shamelessly stole from Tyler Breeze. 



[Ironically, we stole this story idea from someone on Twitter, and now we can’t remember who. Thank you, whoever you are.]