Goldberg Lensar
Gage Goldberg insists he is ready to beat the Beast Incarnate, just like his dad did.

Professional wrestler Brock Lesnar, reeling after his shocking Surivor Series loss to Goldberg, has vowed revenge by demanding a match against Goldberg’s son Gage.

“I can beat that kid,” screamed a red-faced Lesnar, angrily pacing the cage where his handler, Paul Heyman, keeps him locked up between events.

“You’re headed to Suplex City, kiddo.”

Gage, who helped his father celebrate his quick victory by posing shirtless in the ring, appears to be roughly 97 pounds and not quite as powerful as his old man, but sources close to the family insist Gage is a fierce competitor.

“You should see Gage wrestle with Mr. Meowypuss, our kitty,” said Goldberg. “Lesnar is no tougher than that cat.”

Gage Goldberg is expected to make his in-ring debut tonight on Raw, where he will answer Lesnar’s challenge by hollering: “Who’s first?! Lesnar, you’re first!”