Duane Gill Gillbrock
Duane Gill’s new character Gillbrock will be known as “The Least Incarnate.”

Adding insult to injury after Brock Lesnar’s shockingly fast defeat at the hands of Goldberg at Survivor Series, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reportedly has plans to introduce a spoof character, Gillbrock, to be portrayed by Duane Gill.

Gillbrock is expected to debut tonight on Monday Night Raw, to be accompanied by his “advocate” Paul E. Cautiously, to be portrayed by Danny DeVito.

According to backstage sources, Gillbrock will lose every match within two minutes, and be epitomized by the motto: “Eat, sleep, do the job, repeat.”

Duane Gill has been preparing for the role by learning how to scream like a pterodactyl, and by having a flaccid phallus tattooed on his chest.

He has declared he will take opponents “to Easy Pinfall City, bitch.”