webcam wrestling fanSteve McCormick, a wrestling fan and filthy dirty liar from Minneapolis, says he predicted that a returning Goldberg would easily defeat Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series.

“It was so obvious, I predicted it weeks ago,” McCormick lied through his teeth. “It was lazy booking, really.”

While fans of professional wrestling worldwide were shocked by Goldberg’s shocking victory over the seemingly unstoppable Lesnar, the duplicitous McCormick claims to have tweeted about the two-minute squash on Twitter, but says “the tweet got deleted somehow.”

McCormick is known to family and friends as a teller of tall tales, like the time he claims to have “seen the Montreal Screwjob coming a mile away.”

The deceptive fabulist, who posts incessantly on wrestling forums under the screen name SmarkTank69, is also presumably lying when he says he has a girlfriend, who he insists “is out of town on a modelling gig.”