Big E Langston pecs
Big E Langston demonstrates one of his ever-popular “nipple slips.”

Professional wrestler Big E Langston revealed today that his mysterious middle initial, E, which has been a topic of debate among his friends and fans, actually denotes his cup size.

“Yeah, I wear a size 38-E bra,” Langston admitted.

“When you’ve got plump knockers like mine, you really need support or else your back will start aching.”

Langston confessed that he initially didn’t want people to know he wears a brassiere for his oversized mammaries, but has recently come to grips with ample bust ¬†and tantalizing cleavage.

He says he still feels a little awkward, however, when images of his so-called “nipple slips” get posted on adult-oriented websites.

Asked how many brassieres he has in his wardrobe, Langston simply replied: “I need five.”