Sheamus return
Sheamus returned to WWE recently, completely see-through.

WWE superstar Sheamus has returned to action after being sidelined with an injury, but most fans and fellow wrestlers haven’t yet noticed because his skin tone has changed from milk-white to completely transparent.

“I’m back, fellas,” proclaimed a spiked shock of bright red hair floating mysteriously through the WWE locker room.

“Watch out, fellas, because the Brogue Kick will literally come outta nowhere.”

During Sheamus’ three-month rehabilitation from a torn labrum in his shoulder, he was bedridden and unable to go outdoors, resulting in his skin pigment decreasing in quantity from very little to none at all.

Sheamus is expected to feud with a soon-to-return Mark Henry, in hopes that the Irishman’s see-through frame might become partially visible against the large, dark backdrop.

It is believed that Sheamus will circumvent the WWE Wellness Policy by taking injections of performance-enhancing pigment.