roman reigns roseyWhen you look at the chiselled, godlike physique of top WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, it’s hard to believe he’s the same guy who, for several years in the mid-2000s, was a corpulent mid-carder named Rosey. 

Reigns has come a long way since his first WWE tenure, completely changing his diet and adopting a gruelling workout regimen in a sustained attempt to look strong. 

During his first run, Reigns (as Rosey) was a member of 3-Minute Warning, a pair of nefarious savages who did Eric Bischoff’s bidding and, oddly, seemed to have something against gay people

Then, after an entertaining run as a Super Hero in Training (S.H.I.T.), Reigns departed WWE to get into better shape, which he accomplished with help from the Simon System and the Buddy Rose Blow-Away Diet. 

Although WWE hides the fact that Reigns and Rosey are the same person by referring to them as “brothers,” true wrestling fans know that Reigns is still S.H.I.T.