Dwayne Johnson facts
Can you believe this handsome man was once a rassler? Crazy, right?

Everyone knows Dwayne Johnson from such Hollywood blockbusters as The Tooth Fairy, The Mummy Returns, and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

But did you know that the silver-screen hunk with the bulging biceps and million-dollar smile once dabbled in the zany world of professional wrestling?

That’s right, before he landed his career-defining role in the 2014 Oscar-sweeping juggernaut Hercules, Johnson donned spandex trunks and “fought” the likes of Hulk Hogan (whose own acting career also far surpassed his rasslin’ theatrics).

Johnson prefers to focus on his acting career these days, and says he hopes to eventually achieve the status of Hollywood royalty attained by Paul Levesque, or even Michael Mizanin.

But old-school fans of professional wrestling will remember Johnson for his days in the ring, performing as Don “The Rock” Muraco.