Holy Ole show
Holy Ole will give fans the access to Ole Anderson that they never wanted.

A new reality program on the WWE Network, Holy Ole, chronicles the cantankerous, joyless existence of retired pro wrestler Ole Anderson and his crotchety family.

On next week’s series premiere, the titular character spends 13 consecutive hours sitting in a recliner, getting progressively angrier while discussing former tag team partner Ric Flair.

“That sonofabitch wrestled the same match for 30 years,” Anderson says of Flair at least a dozen times during the episode. “Overrated… goddamn… turd.”

The eight-episode first season of Holy Ole features other highlights including:

  • Arn Anderson stops by to get his orthotic socks back
  • Ole tries to reunite the Four Horsemen but only Paul Roma shows up
  • Ole crank calls Lex Luger
  • Ole throws a beer at the TV after seeing Eric Bischoff on an old Nitro episode
  • Ole places a pizza order in his Shockmaster voice

The WWE Network has reportedly received numerous complaints from fans who expected Holy Ole to be about Sami Zayn.