Fans of tag team wrestling often describe to the weak link of a given team as “the Marty,” referring to Marty Jannetty of The Rockers, but many wrestling experts are now debating whether Shawn Michaels was in fact the inferior partner, or “Marty,” of that team.

“Marty Jannetty was the real workhorse of The Rockers, and Shawn was just a flashy pretty-boy with no substance,” writes longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. 

“It should have been Marty who threw Shawn through that Barbershop window, because Shawn was the real Marty of that team.”

Shawn Michaels went on to tremendous success in WWE, while Jannetty toiled in relative obscurity and made some preposterous lapses of judgement, but if one looks objectively at the matches of The Rockers, Marty consistently carried the load. 

Contacted by reporters on the subject, neither man could string together a coherent sentence, suggesting they are now both Marties. 

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