A kendo stick was mysterious discovered tucked underneath the ring of a professional wrestling event today, which is strange because nobody at the event has any connection to the ancient Japanese martial art of Kendo.

During a match at 365 Pro Wrestling, Vanessa Kyle lifted the ring skirt in search of a blunt object with which to clobber “Hardcore Hick” Jeff Black, and surprisingly emerged with a shinai (竹刀) — a bamboo sword that dates back to Japan’s Shotoku Era of the early 1700s.

“That’s odd,” remarked one fan. “Why would the ceremonial sword of an ancient Japanese martial art be under the ring of a modern professional wrestling match?

Of course, it makes perfect sense for various other blunt objects to be under a wrestling ring, such as extra chairs, tables, and the occasional sledgehammer for you-know-who, but the presence of kendo swords has never been adequately explained.

Despite thousands of kendo sticks appearing under wrestling rings over the decades, not a single demonstration of traditional Kendo kata has never broken out at a wrestling show.


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