Isaac Yankem
Kane, whose real name is Isaac Yankem, talks to reporters in his dentistry office.

After two successful decades in professional wrestling, Kane announced this morning that he is returning to his first love, the profession of dentistry.

“Wrestling has been fun, but it’s getting rough on my body,” Kane said this morning at a press conference.

“Thankfully, I’ve always had dentistry to fall back on.”

Kane, whose real name is Isaac Yankem, earned his Doctorate in Dental Surgery in the early 1990s and spent roughly a year in the profession before transitioning to professional wrestling.

He has performed for much of his career under a mask, hoping to clearly delineate the line between his two professions.

In order to return to full-time dentistry, he is required to undergo a full background check by a representative from the American Dental Association.

Some of his acquaintances worry that the ADA might frown on his repeatedly setting people on fire, as well as his ill-fated relationship with a woman named Katie Vick.