Nascar wrestling
Trevor McNaughton, an avid NASCAR fan, calls wrestling a “fake sport for rednecks.”

Trevor McNaughton, an avid fan of NASCAR racing, recently mocked several friends who watch professional wrestling, deriding it as a “fake sport for rednecks.”

Apparently without irony or self-referential sarcasm, McNaughton went on to say: “Wrestling is so boring and predictable — it’s the same silly show over and over again.”

McNaughton, who spends up to 40 weekends each year sitting trackside as souped-up automobiles drive endlessly around a big oval, said wrestling fans are “too dumb to realize how dumb wrestling is.”

The 41-year-old NASCAR enthusiast, whose entire wardrobe consists of NASCAR-brand paraphernalia and beer helmets, then mocked a friend for wearing a CM Punk t-shirt.

Friends and family members of McNaughton say he has no awareness of his own preposterously contradictory beliefs.

He once, for example, wrote an angry letter to his local school board insisting that “kids need better educacion because it’s theyre future thats at steak.”