Stephanie McMahon Triple H
Stephanie McMahon and Triple-H pose with Quadruple-H, while Grandpa Vince looks on.

Stephanie McMahon, heiress to the McMahon family wrestling empire, gave birth this week to a nine-pound baby boy named Quadruple-H.

Named in honor of the boy’s father and Stephanie’s husband, Triple-H, the boy is reportedly doing well at the family’s Connecticut home.

McMahon and Triple-H already have three daughters, but Quadruple-H is their first son. Family members report that he has “his father’s nose,” but is otherwise very cute.

Quadruple-H entered the world in grand style, raising his tiny arms and spewing a mouthful of amniotic fluid straight upward in a misty plume.

The child then furrowed his brow and gurgled some gibberish that sounded vaguely like the words “this business.”

Quadruple-H appears to have a healthy appetite, as he has already taken to his mother’s breasts, making him the envy of millions of men worldwide.

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