Kane will soon assume the role of rapping plumber Luigi McSqueegee.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that longtime professional wrestler Kane will be “repackaged” this week as a jive-talking hip hop plumber character because it would make as much sense as any of his other character changes.

The rapping plumber, to be named Luigi McSqueegee, will come to the ring attired in overalls and will rap into a microphone shaped like a pipe wrench.

Luigi McSqueegee will mark the 75th “gimmick” portrayed by Glenn “Kane” Jacobs since arriving in WWE nearly 20 years ago.

Among the previous roles in the versatile performer’s repertoire are Dr. Isaac Yankem, Diesel (replacing Kevin Nash in the vacated role), Corporate Kane, Mike Unabomb, Christmas Creature, Angus King, Bruiser Mastino, and Sin Cara.

He is expected to portray the rapping plumber for the next six months, before transitioning back into Voiceless Kane, then necrophiliac Kane, then back to Diesel for the Royal Rumble.

He is expected to portray CM Punk for WrestleMania 31.