Paul Heyman’s humility prohibits him from bragging.

Professional wrestling manager Paul Heyman, despite being quite pleased about the recent successes of his clients, is too shy and humble to boast.

Heyman, who admits he has never liked the sound of his own voice, prefers to let his clients’ accomplishments speak for themselves.

“My client, Brock Lesnar, competed at WrestleMania against a very formidable opponent and fared quite nicely, but kudos to both men,” said Heyman.

“And my other client, Cesaro, is a fine addition to the WWE roster and thoroughly likeable fellow.”

Although Heyman is surely pleased that Lesnar defeated the Undertaker earlier this month, thus breaking the Deadman’s renowned WrestleMania winning streak, Heyman feels that bragging about it would be “gauche and unnecessary.”

“I know a lot of fans were surprised and upset by the Underaker’s loss, and I’d hate to say anything that would make them feel worse,” said Heyman.

Although professional wrestling has a long history of brash and loudmouthed managers — Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Lou Albano and the like — Heyman prefers a subdued approach that doesn’t draw undue attention toward himself or his clients.

Asked who the next so-called “Paul Heyman Guy” might be, Heyman refused to name names, replying instead: “They’re all great athletes, and great guys too. I wish I could manage them all.”