Sources close to John Cena reveal he is a quick-tempered hothead who “explodes with rage” every time a sick child requests a Make-A-Wish visit from a celebrity other than him.

The wrestler-turned-thespian has granted more Make-A-Wish requests than any other celebrity in history — more than 650 — and he reportedly clings to that record with an iron fist, even sabotaging hospital visits by celebs he sees as “rivals.”

According to one source, Cena was “livid” when nine-year-old Timmy Farley used his Make-A-Wish opportunity to meet LA Knight last week at a local medical facility, and Cena went to great lengths to disrupt the occasion, at one point playing his hip hop album on a boombox at full volume.

Although his catchphrase touts the merits of “hustle, loyalty (and) respect,” he is known behind the scenes for taking short-cuts and backstabbing anyone he can to ensure he gets as many Make-A-Wish gigs as possible.

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