Chris Jericho 2014
Chris Jericho has returned to, and promptly departed from, WWE.

Less than 24 hours after delighting wrestling fans with a surprise return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), former champion and cross-platform multimedia superstar Chris Jericho left the company for another hiatus.

“I’m back, baybay!” tweeted Jericho last night, followed immediately by another tweet that read: “And I’m off again to pursue other opportunities, baybay.”

Jericho’s unexpected appearance on Monday Night Raw drew a thunderous ovation, as he interrupted fellow Hollywood mega-uber-ultra-star The Miz, and was confronted by inbred hillbilly brethren The Wyatt Family.

Both altercations seemed to indicate a longer WWE stint for Jericho — perhaps at least through the SummerSlam pay-per-view — but the pompous polymath told reporters he has “too many irons in the fire” to allow a long-term WWE return.

Among Jericho’s upcoming entertainment side-projects:

  • Touring with his new bossanova jazz band, Bozzy
  • Hosting a TV game show called “Desperate People Falling Off a Roof for Money”
  • Starring in a Discovery Channel show about his hobby of blacksmithing (which is likely what he meant by “irons in the fire”)
  • Writing the next nine volumes of his autobiography
  • Appearing on a reality TV program featuring his entire family, called The Fozzbournes

Jericho is expected to return to WWE again in January 2017 and depart again in January 2017.


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