Promising upstart John Cena finally got a chance to shine at Money in the Bank.

John Cena, a plucky underdog with big dreams and an even bigger heart, finally got his first taste of stardom last night when he scored an upset victory to claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The bright-eyed rookie with the can-do attitude overcame tremendous odds to win a “Money in the Bank” match at a pay-per-view event bearing the same name.

“The kid has done it!” screamed commentator Michael Cole. “Dreams do come true! Do you believe in miracles?!”

It was a momentous occasion for the scrappy youngster, who has toiled on WWE’s mid-card and non-televised “house show” circuit for years.

Little is known about the rookie’s background, except that he enjoys hip hop, has a thing for identical twins, and dropped out of college.

Cena’s positive attitude and “Never Give Up” mantra has kept him motivated despite his obscurity, and WWE matchmakers took a chance on the unproven wrestler at Money in the Bank.

Even Cena himself seemed shocked when he grasped the championship belts, and reportedly wept tears of joy for hours backstage following the victory.

Many believe, however, that Cena’s victory was a fluke, and that WWE executives will quickly demote┬áhim to a mid-card position, as they did with former Money in the Bank winners The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.