Chris Jericho Family
Chris Jericho stars as the lovable, bumbling patriarch in the MTV reality show The Fozzbournes.

The charmingly dysfunctional family of professional wrestler Chris Jericho will be featured on an upcoming MTV reality program called The Fozzbournes.

Jericho will portray himself — a wrestler and rock star whose globetrotting lifestyle is comically at odds with his role as doting dad.

The Fozzbournes will showcase Jericho’s dual life as high-profile celebrity and a father to his three children: Ash, Sierra and Cheyenne.

Comic relief will come from Jericho’s good-natured squabbling with wife Jessica, and his bumbling inability to operate the remote control, hairdryer or his own electric jacket.

TV critics who have seen early previews of The Fozzbournes praise the show for its light-hearted portrayal of a quirky yet loving family, but some have complained that the whole premise feels vaguely familiar.

“I had a sense of deja vu while watching The Fozzbournes,” writes Jeffrey Reinhart of Entertainment Weekly. “I can’t put my finger on it, but something feels derivative.”

One heart-wrenching episode of the Fozzbournes depicts Jericho’s near-death experience following an ATV accident.