Chris jericho airport
Chris Jericho auditions for the CZW Ultraviolent Tournament of Death.

Professional wrestler Chris Jericho thought plummeting in a pile of thumbtacks was bad enough, but that was nothing compared to his ordeal at the Newark Airport security check today.

Despite emptying his pockets and removing his shoes and belt, Jericho repeatedly set off the metal detector due to roughly a dozen thumbtacks that, unbeknownst to him, were still embedded in his shoulders, back, and lily-white buttocks.

Jericho tried to explain to security guards that he had become a human pincushion at the sadistic hands of Dean Ambrose. Jericho pointed to Ambrose, who was standing several feet behind him in line, and bellowed: “Ask him! Ask him!”

Ambrose laughed maniacally at Jericho’s discomfort and resumed chatting with his travelling companion, Mitch.

Jericho was finally released by security once all the remaining thumbtacks had been plucked from his skin, and after he apologized for calling the chief security guard “Junior.”

Following the ordeal, Jericho insisted that he will henceforth fly via Laguardia and never, everrrrr travel through Newark Airport agayyyn.