rollins return extreme
Seth Rollins tore his rotator cuff while hoisting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt.

After months on the injured list, professional wrestler Seth Rollins made a jaw-dropping return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) tonight, only to suffer a debilitating injury once again.

During his shocking run-in at the culmination of the Extreme Rules event, Rollins tore his right rotator cuff while hoisting the 10-pound championship belt he vowed to reclaim.

“Dangit,” said Rollins during a backstage interview, nursing his shoulder. “This is embarrassing — that belt is heavier than I remember!”

Rollins sneak-attacked former ally Roman Reigns, apparently jealous that Reigns has rapidly become the most universally beloved superstar in WWE history.

Popular sports-entertainer John Cena was also scheduled to return from his injury hiatus at Extreme Rules, but was injured during a recent episode of Total Divas after collapsing under the weight of Nikki Bella’s 150 new pairs of shoes.