Leave the memories alone
The memories are seeking a restraining order against Ric Flair, who just won’t leave them alone.

In flagrant defiance of the anthem that played incessantly amid his so-called “retirement,” legendary pro wrestler Ric Flair refuses to leave the memories alone.

By portraying a bumbling, googly-eyed mascot alongside daughter Charlotte, Flair seems determined to replace the great memories — battling Ricky Steamboat, leading the Four Horsemen, elbowing his suit jacket — with pratfalls and ceaseless wooing.

During his much-ballyhooed retirement from WWE in 2008, WWE gave Flair clear instructions to leave the memories alone via 4,847 consecutive repetitions of the song by that name.

The song ends with the emotional rejoinder, “You’ll never change! You’ll never change! You’ll never change!” — to which Flair responded by immediately coming out of retirement for a different company.

WWE is reportedly considering a new theme song to accompany Flair to the ring: Jackson Browne’s “Here Come Those Tears Again.”