Nobody can deny that AEW has experienced a meteoric rise over the past year, recruiting some of pro wrestling’s hottest talent and snagging viewership away from one-time monopoly World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

But despite AEW’s momentum, is is becoming abundantly clear that the upstart promotion cannot truly be taken seriously until wrestling legend Ryback becomes “All-Elite.”

WWE remains the most powerful entity in professional wrestling globally, despite AEW’s inroads with die-hard wrestling fans in the age-18-34-male-in-XL-black-t-shirt-with-bad-beard demographic.¬†Why is WWE still a much larger, more financially successful company than AEW? Well, Ryback has wrestled for WWE, but never in AEW. Interpret that how you will.

What’s clear is that AEW desperately needs Ryback. With a growing roster of high-flying youngsters, what could be better than a muscular monster heel who squashes everybody in a minute and screams “Feed me more.”

Tony Khan, we’re talking to you: “Ryback in AEW” has money written all over it. Trust us. Kayfabe News is never wrong.



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