There’s an old adage that “anything can happen in professional wrestling,” and it was proven true once again this week with the NXT 2.0. debut of Jumpin’ Geordie McTavish, a rookie sensation who — get this — has never gotten a tattoo

Fans who witnessed McTavish’s debut during a dark match at Monday Night Raw this week were reportedly astonished by his high-flying arsenal and the beauty of his virgin skin, as pure and beautiful as a recent snowfall. 

“I thought I had seen it all, but an untattooed wrestler in 2021?” said longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. “I mean, stranger things have happened, but I dunno, maybe, you never know, I mean, who knows, sure, probably, or maybe it’s surely possible.” (An unusually precise prediction for Mutzler). 

McTavish was trained by British strongman Henry Samson, transitioning to pro wrestling after representing Scotland at the Olympics in the hammer throw, and says he “just never felt like getting a tattoo.” Can you believe it? 

Can a non-tattooed grappler achieve success in the inky world of sports-entertainment without eventually succumbing to the peer pressure of getting covered in “Celtic” designs and skulls and crap? 

UPDATE: We’ve just been informed that, earlier this evening, Jumpin’ Geordie McTavish had his left shoulder tattoo with a Samoan design after discovering that he is a 12th cousin of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, thrice removed, through marriage on his step-dad’s buddy’s side. 



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