Six veterans of the independent wrestling scene did battle today in historic first-ever “Hot Dog in the Bank” ladder match, and the winner earned a “guaranteed salary” of one hot dog per match for a year, while supplies last.

The match was mayhem from the get-go. Mad Man Pondo and Necro Butcher were almost immediately wearing the proverbial “ketchup mask,” having clobbered one another with BBQ tongs.

“Hardcore Hick” Jeff Black and Sabrina Kyle battled atop a ladder, each trying to grasp the greasy Oscar Meyer wiener dangling above the ring, but they were thwarted by Space Monkey climbing atop the shoulders of American Giant to grab the prize.

Space Monkey, a vegetarian who thought the wiener was a banana, forfeited the prize. Now vacant, the “Hot Dog in the Bank” saga will continue this Sunday afternoon in a Polish cultural club in Ajax, Ontario, featuring Flex Whitney, Channing Decker, Cody Deaner, Lufisto, Gregory Iron, and defending champion Vacant.

And now the stakes are even higher, because dangling above the ring, beside the hot dog, will be Mae Young’s Baby Hand, signifying the victor will receive Handshakes in the Bank for one year.


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