Professional sports-entertainer Rhea Ripley was reportedly thrilled to see a gaggle of autograph-seeking eBay sellers semi-stalking her at the baggage carousel after she de-planed from a long redeye flight home early this morning.

“I was feeling pretty worn out after that flight, but as soon as I saw those profit-seeking pseudo-fans waiting near my luggage, I couldn’t wait to meet them,” said Ripley. “I admire their dedication and I want to reward it.”

Ripley was on her way home after 263 days on the road and looking forward to a well-earned four-hour sleep before departing for tour of Saudi Arabia. 

It was 2:21am by the time Ripley finally got out of the airport, having spent more than 120 minutes chatting with autograph seekers who thrust Sharpies and still-boxed toys into her face. 

“I always make sure I sign everything,” said Ripley. “I just love steadily devaluing my autograph by flooding the market with it via airport stalkers. It’s really the best part of being a WWE Superstar.” 

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