After unexpectedly finding himself in conversation with an attractive female human at an airport bar, wrestling fan Todd Stephenson, 34, lied unconvincingly that he was wearing a Bullet Club pin “as a joke” and that he watches wrestling “from a totally ironic standpoint.”

Laughing nervously, Stephenson described professional wrestling as a “silly soap opera for men,” even though he has always hated that cliched description of what he usually calls “the business.”

Stephenson says he subscribes to the WWE Network “for a laugh.”

“Can you believe some people take it seriously?” he said, failing to mention that he hasn’t missed an episode of Raw in two decades and runs a weekly podcast called Heel Heat.

When the woman described wrestling is a “fake sport for rednecks,” Stephenson bit his tongue and smiled awkwardly, subduing the almost-overwhelming urge to retort that, despite the outcomes being pre-determined, matches require great athleticism to perform safely.

Despite his posturing and deception, Stephenson was unsuccessful in securing a romantic encounter with the woman; the conversation dwindled and ended when the woman, 28-year-old Teresa Green, became afraid that Stephenson might realize she actually loves wrestling and is chair of the Young Bucks Fan Club.



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