Fans of professional sports-entertaining have long criticized WWE honcho Vince McMahon for being “out of touch,” and today the fed-up mogul fired back, insisting that he is “totally hip and groovy” in a video message released via TOUT.

“Out of touch? That’s wack,” said McMahon on the largely disused social media platform, adding a “dab” gesture for emphasis.

Vince McMahon said he “tweeted a TOUT” to show fans how “rad” he is.

“I’m sick, fellow youths! Wasssaaaaap.”

McMahon posted the same video message on his MySpace page, where he also recently posted a “nu-metal remix” of his 1987 single, Stand Back.

The 73-year-old billionaire has been criticized for not listening to what fans want, although McMahon refutes these claims, insisting that he personally listens to all answering machine messages left on the company’s hotline, 1-800-WWF-HULK.

Some sources within WWE report, however, that McMahon is slowly acknowledging the need for younger executives behind-the-scenes, particularly because McMahon needs people to help him use the fax machine.

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