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This hungry young rookie is “paying his dues” in developmental, dreaming of getting called up to the main WWE roster.

A plucky young rookie wrestler named Rhyno is learning the ropes in WWE’s “developmental” league, NXT, dreaming of one day competing among the Superstars® and Divas® of the main roster.

“All my life I’ve dreamed of wrestling on Raw,” said the fresh-faced upstart, who is still learning how to “bump” and “cut a promo” from veteran trainers like Sara Del Ray and Adam Pearce.

“Just one match would be a dream come true.”

But Rhyno faces a tough road ahead if he wants to compete on WWE’s flagship shows, since he has not yet developed a sense of “ring psychology,” nor paid his dues on the indy circuit.

“I know I’ve got work to do,” said Rhyno. “And I have to keep hitting the gym, because these scrawny stick legs of mine are embarrassing.”

Rhyno hopes he can learn valuable lessons from more experienced and knowledgeable colleagues at NXT, such as Tyler Breeze and Blue Pants.

This week, Rhyno has been working on a new signature finishing move — a running shoulder tackle akin to Edge’s famous spear.

“I’m thinking about calling it The Impalement on a Rhinoceros Horn, but that’s probably too long. I need a shorter name — something catchy that commentators and fans can yell — but I just can’t think of the word.”