When CM Punk makes his UFC debut, I’ll be on a big date!

After months of uncertainty and speculation, a date has been set for the UFC debut of CM Punk, the caustic former pro wrestler who made an acrimonious split with WWE last year.

Becky, the cute receptionist at my dentist’s office, has agreed to be my date on the night of the big fight, whenever that is.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago when I went to have a cavity filled that Becky had a little Pepsi logo tattooed on her wrist, and I struck up a conversation by mentioning that CM Punk has a similar tattoo. She replied that she’s a huge CM Punk fan, so we got talking about wrestling and UFC.

She mentioned she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, so I asked if she’d like to go on a date sometime.

She replied that our first date should be CM Punk’s fight.

So it’s a date! She’s going to come over, we’ll order pizza, make popcorn and drink a bunch of Pepsi when Punk makes his big debut.

Unfortunately, I have no idea when that will be. Soon, I hope! Feels like it’s been forever since he signed with UFC.