Rent-a-centre hogan
Hulk Hogan destroys the last remnants of Hulkamania with Troy Aikman in a Rent-A-Center Commercial.

Though it was once deemed the most powerful force in the universe, Hulkamania finally fizzled out of existence today with the airing of a new commercial for Rent-A-Center.

After emerging practically overnight in 1983, Hulkamania became a global phenomenon in the years that followed, but a succession of ill-advised decisions by namesake Hulk Hogan — including Hogan Knows Best, Micro Championship Wrestling and his entire TNA tenure — resulted in a steady decline.

The final blow came this evening, when Hogan appeared in a 30-second spot shilling for the rent-to-own company.

“Fifty-two inch Sony HD TV for $39.99 a week, with satisfaction guaranteed, brother!” said Hogan, thereby hammering the final nail into his pop-culture legacy.

While loyal Hulkamaniacs worldwide mourned the death of of Hulkamania, Bobby Heenan was reportedly overjoyed.