Dennis Stamp enjoys his new trampoline.

The trampoline once used by Sin Cara to make spectacular ring entrances is now being used by Texan wrestling veteran and exterminator Dennis Stamp to stay in shape for his potential comeback.

“I had my last match 20 years ago, but I need to stay in shape,” Stamp said while bouncing on the trampoline in his backyard, clad in black briefs and clutching a pair of two-pound dumbbells.

“I never know when my next match is going to be. The phone could ring at any time.”

Stamp admits that Sin Cara’s former trampoline is much smaller than the one he is accustomed to, but that one broke several years ago following an ill-fated visit from longtime friend King Kong Bundy.

Still, Stamp is grateful that WWE gave him the new trampoline after it was nixed from Sin Cara’s entrance routine to prevent potentially embarrassing botches.

“I don’t do any fancy tricks like Sin Cara,” Stamp said during his daily exercise regimen on the trampoline. “I just bounce.”

When not bouncing on the trampoline, Stamp can often be seen hanging around outside Terry Funk’s house, hoping to be offered a refereeing gig.